Client comments

What do clients think of General Maximus Beds?

From Switzerland:

Client: Ms. Jucker

For my Dalmatian I tried out the dog bed of General Maximus, and he immediately accepted it, used it very often and stays relaxed every day.

What’s great is that the inner cover is water-repellent, as my little daughter even poured her drink on the bed, for example. Practical and well-designed, the replacement cover that I can use when washing a cover is simply practical.

Hair and other dirt can be easily extracted.

The materials of the bed are very well put together. The body of the dog does not sag and the bed does not sag, as is the case with most animals, but protects the back, as it does not deform unfavorably.

An exciting story of the German Shepherd Maximus, who is the cornerstone of the product, great. It can be said that the boss of the company is a dog lover.

I can recommend the dog bed of General Maximus to anyone.

Ms. Jucker (Eglisau)

Me or Max was allowed to try the new dog bed. Max loves everything after just one week – even though medium is a bit too small for him. That’s why I ordered the largest bed so he can stretch out really nice! .-)

With kind regards

S. Heller (Wil)