Unpacking the GenMax-Pillow

A Guide to Receiving and Unpacking the MaxBed-Pillow


I asked my friends Anastia and Jesse to assist me so that I could show you how the beds are received. For this demonstration, Anastia will help Jesse with her brand new bed.


Step 1: The bed arrives

The MaxBed-Pillow is packed in its own unique branded carton when ordering in Switzerland and in an Amazon carton when ordering from Amazon.

The beds are vacuum packed and then also rolled under pressure in order to keep them safe, dry and clean during transport. This also makes the package less bulky which allows for a lower end-cost due to lower transport costs. This means that you benefit in the end.

Stand the box on a dry and flat surface.

Step 2: Take the bed out of its box and remove it from the transparent inner packaging

You can simply cut the carton open while making sure that you do not cut the contents themselves.

The inner contents are packaged quite tightly by using a pressure machine and also a vacuum machine.


Extract the transparent inner packaging. Inside you will find the following:

1. The packaged and rolled bed,
2. A small, advice insert noting that the bed is wrapped under pressure,
3. An A4 sized insert with information about your new bed and
4. A Complimentary PVC wallet-sized, Pet Emergency Card - a small gift to say thank you for your purchase!


Step 3: Remove the bed from the transparent packaging

Carefully remove the bed from the transparent packaging. Be careful not to cut the next layer of packaging.

Once you have removed the packaging, you will see that the bed is in a vacuum packed package. Carefully cut the tape that holds this package in a cylinder to allow the cylinder to unwrap.

Your bed will now look like a very flat, rectangular package as in the image on the right.


Step 4: Remove the bed from the vacuum packaging and "fluff it up!"


The bed will look quite flat and will have packaging folds because it was packed for transport. It was firstly put under pressure and then vacuum packed.

Pick the bed up and shake it around vigorously, fluffing-up the pillow contents until you can see that it is gaining volume. The more you shake it, the quicker it will gain volume.

How long will my bed take to reach its full size?
This can take between 1 and 2 days depending on usage. It is suggested to leave the bed for at least one day prior to usage.


Step 5: Your bed is ready to use!

Even though it is recommended to wait one day until using the bed, if you want, you can use it immediately. Just consider that it will look a bit thinner as it will not yet have reached its full volume.

Apart from that, you will notice that like any material which has been pressure and vacuum packed, the bed will show packaging folds on the material. These folds will slowly disappear as your dog uses the bed. The materials used in the bed are robust and durable and thus the folds will almost totally disappear after 2 to 4 days and completely in some weeks.

The above is illustrated by Jesse on the left of this text.

If you wish to remove these packaging folds (unnecessary) at a faster rate, then we recommend using steam or dry heat as follows:

1. Using Steam: from a simple shower or your steamer

For using a shower:

a. Clean the top cover if the bed has been used.

b. Place the bed on a rack, shelf, seat or hanger inside a shower.

c. Position the showerhead so that it does not point directly at the bed. The bed should not be under the water stream.

d. Turn the hot water to full in the shower and close the shower curtain or door. Wait minimum 10 minutes.

e. Open the shower curtain or door slightly and turn off the shower.

f.  Lay the bed on a flat surface and smooth out the wrinkles with a cloth if necessary.

For using a steamer:

a. Clean the top cover if the bad has been used.
b. Place the bed on a flat surface.
c. Use your steamer and when the top layer feels warm and softer, use a cloth to smooth out the folds.
d. Repeat if needed.

2. Using Dry Heat: Your hair-dryer

a. If the bed has been used: Clean the top cover.

b. Lay the bed on a flat surface. Plug in your hair-dryer.

c. Hold the hair-dryer 10cm or more from the top cover, turn it to the hot or high setting.

d. Sweep it slowly side to side across the surface until the cover feels warm and softer and the folds visually reduce.

e. Lay the bed on a flat surface and smooth out the folds with a cloth if necessary.

The above are only necessary if you really really need to speed things up but there really is no need!

Step 6: Enjoy your bed!

It is time to enjoy your awesome MaxBed! Your customer will be as happy as she is. That is guaranteed!

The bed on which Jesse is sitting was opened 2 hours before this photo was taken, it will still expand considerably.


And that is that! Another Happy Customer! Go Ahead, it is your turn now!