Unpacking the GenMax-Mattress

How your customers receive the Beds


I asked my associate and friend, Echo, from Schwitter Hundeschule (www.hunde-nah.ch) to assist me so that I could show you how the beds are received. For this demonstration, Echo will play the part of a customer who has just received his bed.


Step 1: Collect the bed at your post office

Echo has placed his order and will receive his bed by Post. The beds are vacuum packed into a roll to keep them safe, dry and clean during transport and also to make the package less bulky. Inside the same box is your complimentary second outside cover for the days when you need to replace the dirty cover with a clean one and to allow you to wash a cover while you always enjoy a covered bed.


The extra cover allows your pet total freedom to play outside, go on adventures or simply roll in the mud like we love to do.



Step 2: Take the bed out of its box

This step of-course is essential. Much like you humans switch on your computers, if you do not take the bed out of its box we will not be able to use it. Fortunately, Echo being a Labrador has no problems with this logic.


Unwrap the vacuum packing and your bed will spring to life. As the beds are solid core foam and they are packed under pressure they rise to full size almost immediately with no adverse effects to their shape or density.



Step 3: Inspect the Bed and the Extra Cover

Lay the bed out on the floor. The bed is already covered with its inner waterproof cover as well as with one of the two super soft suede outer covers. Now, sit back and stare at your awesome new bed.


All of the beds are quality checked before packaging and you are the last line of defence. Check the bed and the cover as the next step is the most enjoyable one by far.


See the cool label on the right? If it does not have the label, then it is not a General Maximus bed, and you can brag to your friends that you own an original General Maximus bed. Just like Echo is doing: inspect carefully!



Step 4: everybody’s dream – bed testing!


The moment you have been waiting for. As Echo is demonstrating, do not spare a thought as it is now time to jump onto your bed. This is where you totally understand and appreciate why you purchased a General Maximus bed. You should roll test, pressure test and lie test (please check the demonstration by Echo).


Wet testing is not necessary but if you should go to those extremes well, the bed is waterproofed by the inner layer so it would not be a problem at all.

Please note how happy Echo is because this is how happy your customer will be. That is guaranteed!


And that is that! Another Happy Customer! Go Ahead, it is your turn now!