My Story, General Maximus the German Shepherd

I am General Maximus Aurelius, a proud male German Shepherd. Born in Africa and now living in Switzerland I want to tell you my story.

I was born on 20 July 2010 on a farm in the bushveld surrounding Pretoria in South Africa to mom and dad together with four other siblings. My beginnings were hard as being a puppy in the human world I would be taken from my parents, put into a cage and was put on display for all to see. Two of my siblings were taken, I don’t know where to but then one day what would soon become my human came in and picked me, attracted by my lively character and a growth of hair under my left eye which resulted from a cut experienced just after birth.

Being born in Southern Africa in 2010 was terribly exciting as not only was the country holding its first ever soccer (football to some) world cup but it was also going through a transitionary period which saw humans of all types come together to form a new and exciting country.

I was taken to 63 Spitfire Avenue where I met my mentor and big sister to be, Jessica. Jessica is a Chocolate Labrador who is 3 years older than me and who showed me the ropes of living in this new environment. Being a German Shepherd, I was blessed as being a member of one of the smartest dog species and between learning to stake out my territory, chase other animals, stamp out my authority, learning how to plan my day (sleep, wake, eat, bark at possible intruders, just bark, play, sleep…difficult stuff), I also started putting thought to my experiences.

As an energetic puppy I needed good rest. My human used to let Jessica and I sleep in the main bedroom. It was in this bedroom that I first started questioning the products available for us. The room carpet was great but after more than 3 hours it would become hard and naturally I had to mark it for future reference with some wee here and there. Scratch that, not desirable. My marking of the offending carpet soon inspired my human to procure the first dog bed for me to use. The interior was made of some kind of expanding foam or so they said on the box but a little time later the foam inside would bunch-up and ball-up making the bed super uncomfortable and thus I had to shred it with my teeth. This process during my growth resulted in the need to shred countless beds in disapproval after spending days in the African bush with my human. Chasing offending animals and defending prey in the African bush is hard work and when you get home you want a proper bed to rest on.

Eventually I decided that things must change. This struggle by my human to find a suitable bed made it clear that someone had to do something and that someone was me. In no time I became a leader in the community by guarding, leading and helping my fellow animals. When taken for walks I defended the weak, when left home I guarded those who cannot guard themselves and soon I had a following…I was a General.

Using my position I set-off to cross Africa, through plains and jungles, mountains and valleys, I dragged Jessica and my human to a new land. A land where humans understood quality and perfection. A land with a red flag, which bore a white cross. In this land I met Echo who told me of his adventures and his experiences in mountains covered in snow and it is here that I set out to create the first quality product as a true a leader should. My destiny was about to become a reality – the General would lead his flock into a world where their lives were greatly improved by quality, by products designed to improve their lives.

My human named me General Maximus Aurelius – The leader of the Northern Legions of Caesar’s Army after the appearance of some moving picture in a box called Gladiator but only now, I truly understand that my name was my destiny. My name said:

I am General Maximus, I am here to lead my fellow animals, pets into a life where they are cared for and pampered by making sure that there are quality products out there for their humans to get for them.

My quest continues.

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