The MaxBed – Pillow

The MaxBed-Pillow is a new pet bed for the world market which will not absorb animal smells, is hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-absorbent, water-resistant and has orthopaedic qualities.


The bed is suitable for inside and outside use as it is both tough and durable. Because of it’s flexible construction, the MaxBed-Pillow can be fitted into any shape or container but will always retain its shape and form.


The bed is easy to clean as it does not hold pet hair. You simply shake the hair off. It is easy to clean by cleaning it with a wet rag and simply wiping the upper or other surfaces. Alternatively, for dirtier situations, you can do this by using a garden hose to spray the upper surface while holding the bed upside down and allowing it to drip dry. The bed will not enjoy being soaked in water as it will take a long time to dry – this is not necessary.


Due to the materials used in manufacture, the bed remains cool in Summer and offers warmth in Winter.


The upper surface helps to relieve skin irritations and also helps to prevent parasites breeding.


This is the bed your pet has been waiting for. It is a high quality, well made product designed to bring joy to your pet whether resting or sleeping.


If you’re looking for a cheap once-off, then this bed is not for your pet. The MaxBed – Pillow contains more filler than most other beds and fully supports your pet’s body weight.


The MaxBed – Pillow availability:


For world-wide wholesale supply – orders are now possible;

For Swiss based private customers – the bed is now available through;

For Swiss online dropship retailers – GenMax offers retailers a drop-shipping solution.